Canon Foundation Kyoto University Japan-Africa Exchange Program 2024

If you are interested in studying with the Japan-Africa Exchange Program 2024 at Kyoto University in Japan then this is the right place to get authentic information.  It offers grants to scholars from Kyoto University who want to do research in Africa related to African Studies and to scholars from Kyoto University’s partner institutes in Africa who want to do research in Kyoto.

The Japan-Africa Exchange Program stands as a remarkable initiative fostering cooperation and understanding between Japan and African nations. This program is a testament to the shared commitment to cultural exchange, economic development, and mutual learning.

This program is designed to facilitate educational, cultural, and economic interactions between Japan and various African countries. It encompasses a wide range of activities, such as student exchanges, research collaborations, cultural events, and business partnerships. These initiatives aim to strengthen the ties between the two regions and contribute to sustainable development.

The Japan-Africa Exchange Program benefits participants from both sides. African students gain access to high-quality education and research opportunities in Japan’s esteemed institutions, fostering academic growth and cross-cultural awareness. Similarly, Japanese students and professionals have the chance to explore the diverse cultures and unique challenges of African countries.

Furthermore, the program promotes business and economic collaborations, encouraging the exchange of knowledge, technology, and resources. By fostering connections between entrepreneurs, policymakers, and innovators, the Japan-Africa Exchange Program contributes to economic growth and innovation.

In conclusion, the Japan-Africa Exchange Program serves as a bridge between Japan and African nations, facilitating educational, cultural, and economic exchanges. This program embodies a shared commitment to collaboration, learning, and growth, fostering a deeper understanding between these regions and paving the way for mutually beneficial partnerships and advancements.

Scholarship Summary

Scholarship Benefits

The financial support for successful applicants ranges from 22,500 euros to 27,500 Euro per year and is pro-rated for different periods. CFE will directly administer the payments and notify the detailed payment procedure of each successful applicant.

Duration of Award: The fellowships are for a minimum period of three months up to a maximum of one year.

Eligibility Criteria for Japan-Africa Exchange Program

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the Canon Foundation in Europe (CFE)and Kyoto University (KU),  the Canon Foundation-Kyoto University Japan-Africa Exchange Program started in 2018. The program offers fellowships to highly qualified researchers in fields of research related to African Studies. The program is intended to support 1) fellows from KU who want to do research in Africa, and 2) scholars from Kyoto University’s partner institutes in Africa who want to do research in Kyoto.

Applicants need to be holding at least an MA degree and be employed either at KU or KU’s partner institutions as post-doctoral fellows or faculty members at the time of applying.

Eligible Countries: For a complete list of KU’s partner institutions, please visit its Global Engagement Website at

Number of Awards: Not specified

How to Apply for Japan-Africa Exchange Program

Please submit the following documents to Kyoto University Africa Unit ([email protected]):

  • Your research plan includes a clear title at the top of the page as well as starting/ending dates of the proposed research. The research plan needs to include a general cost estimate, including living, travel, research costs, insurance, etc. (maximum 2 pages)
  • 2 reference letters (maximum 1 page each) from 2 persons. One letter should be from someone in a position to comment on your academic qualifications and professional work while the other should be a confirmation letter from your prospective host who can provide research or work facilities to you during the proposed period.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • 1 copy of your doctoral certificate or your highest academic degree
  • 1 passport-size photograph of yourself
  • 1 list of your academic publications or professional achievements in chronological order containing information on all authors, place and year of publication, and page references.


Please visit the official website below for further information on the Japan-Africa Exchange Program 2024.

Official Website

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