International Student Excellence Award 2023 at Óbuda University in Hungary

If you want to study for the International Student Excellence Award 2023 at the Óbuda University in Hungary, Then this is the right place to get authentic information with the step-by-step application process.

The International Student Excellence Award is a prestigious accolade given to outstanding international students who have made remarkable achievements in their academic pursuits and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in their communities. These awards recognize the hard work, dedication, and commitment of international students who have contributed to the development and advancement of their academic institutions, communities, and countries.

The International Student Excellence Award is highly competitive and is open to international students studying at universities and colleges around the world. The awards are usually presented to students who have shown remarkable academic performance and have achieved excellence in various fields of study, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences.

One of the key criteria for receiving the International Student Excellence Award is the demonstration of outstanding leadership skills. This includes involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, and initiatives that promote diversity and cultural awareness. The awardees are expected to have made a positive impact on their academic institutions and communities through their leadership, innovation, and collaboration.

The International Student Excellence Award is a recognition of the immense contributions that international students make to their host countries and communities. These students often face significant challenges such as cultural adjustment, language barriers, and financial difficulties. Despite these challenges, many international students excel academically and make significant contributions to their academic institutions and communities.

Receiving the International Student Excellence Award is a significant achievement that provides international students with a platform to showcase their talents and achievements. This recognition often opens up new opportunities for the awardees, including access to scholarships, research funding, and career development opportunities. The awards also provide international students with a sense of pride and motivation to continue striving for excellence in their academic and personal pursuits.

In summary, the International Student Excellence Award is a testament to the exceptional talent and achievements of international students around the world. These awards celebrate diversity, innovation, and leadership among international students and provide a platform for recognizing their contributions to their academic institutions and communities. The awards are a source of inspiration for future generations of international students who aspire to achieve excellence in their academic and personal pursuits.

Scholarship Summary
  • Level of Study: Bachelor & Master’s degree
  • Institution(s): Obuda University
  • Study in: Hungary
  • Courses Offered: All Subjects offered by the University
  • Deadline: 20 July 2023

Scholarship Benefits

Obuda University will provide each semester, one student from each faculty receives a one-time supplementary scholarship of HUF 60,000 (in the semester following the results announcement).

For self-financing students:

  • Tuition reduction for one semester in the semester after application submission and publication of results:
  • First place: a discount of 2000 EUR.
  • Second place: a discount of 1000 EUR.
  • Third place: 500 EUR off
  • The grant can be provided once to MSc students and twice to BSc students during their respective study cycles.

Eligibility Criteria for International Student Excellence Award

Eligible Countries: Applicants from all around the world are eligible to apply.

Acceptable Course or Subjects: The scholarship will be awarded in any subject offered in the BSc and MSc programs by the university.

Admissible Criteria: Aspirants have to enroll in the degree program at the university.

How to Apply for International Student Excellence Award

The application documentation, which includes the application form, its annexes (1-2), and documents authentically certifying outstanding achievements, can be submitted to the International Education Office or mailed to the same address in a sealed envelope, clearly labeled with the applicant’s name, Neptun code, and training.

Supporting Documents: Applicants must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Certificate of education
  • Certificate or proof of citizenship and/or permanent residence

Admission Requirements: Applicants must have a previous education certificate with relevant marks.

Language Requirement: Applicants must fulfill the following language requirements:

  • Students must have to submit TOEFL, IELTS, and other test results to demonstrate their proficiency in English.


For further information about the International Student Excellence Award 2023, please visit the official website below.

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