What is List Scholarships? 

List Scholarships is an online educational platform where students and applicants can find educational opportunities that include Scholarships, Internships, Exchange Programs, Free Online courses, and Conferences for students. This Platform is basically for students who are looking for BachelorsMastersPhD Scholarships for themself or for anyone.

The use of Lis Scholarships is easy. You can see the main menu. You can click on Scholarships, Internships, or online courses on the main menu. This will list out the opportunities for you. The aim of the List Scholarships is to provide all opportunities under one platform.

The Share of Educational information is fair. We will put the official links at the end of each post so you can verify and get further information from the official website. Nowadays everyone is looking for List Scholarships to study abroad. And we will make sure to provide and upload the Best Scholarships.

Why we made this Website?

As I have experienced many scholarships like this. I have done my internship in AIESEC, Egypt. Then I went to the United States in 2017 in a summer exchange program. After that, I attended many summits and conferences in Turkey and Maldives.

So I have an experience with this niche and topic. And I know which opportunities students will like. And how to present it in my own words.

What we will post on List Scholarships?

These are the categories available on our website:

How to Get in touch with us?

You can get in touch through our social media platforms. You can text us, message us, or you can email us.

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